Managing Your Fears with Hypnosis for Election Stress and Anxiety

Managing Your Fears with Hypnosis for Election Stress and Anxiety

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Election years can be stressful at the best of times. This year, 2020, has not been the best of times. We have seen wildfires, devastating floods, swarms of locusts, civil unrest, and pandemics affecting people around the world. Now, an election is looming on the horizon. If you are struggling with anxiety about voting or the potential changes associated with an election, hypnosis for election anxiety can help you cope.

What is Election Anxiety?

The concept of election anxiety or election stress disorder was first brought to our attention in 2016 by psychologist Steven Stosny. Stosny used the term to describe those who were experiencing so much election-related anxiety that it was disrupting their personal lives.

While not officially recognized as an anxiety disorder, election anxiety continues to plague people. In an electorate already overwhelmed by stress, pain, and trauma, the upcoming election might be just one more weight to add to an overly heavy burden.

Symptoms can include:

  • All-or-nothing thinking
  • Blame
  • Denial
  • Avoidance
  • One-sided perspectives

Fear and anxiety can affect your ability to manage your emotions. With positive tools such as UpNow’s hypnosis for election anxiety app, you can get through the days leading up to the election with less worry.

What You Need to Know about Anxiety

Anxiety is common. In 2017, about 284 million people worldwide were suffering from some form of anxiety. A recent survey of American voters found that about two-thirds of them suffer from election-related stress, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control states that anxiety symptoms in the U.S. have skyrocketed over the past year.

Anxiety is characterized by feelings of dread, worry, apprehension, or fear. It is a natural emotion that helps us survive. Those anxious feelings are linked to a physiological response, including increased blood pressure and heart rate, higher blood sugar, and faster breathing. This prepares you to fight or flee a threat. Election anxiety hypnosis can help you take control of the natural response with a deep, calming breath of fresh air.

In the short-term, anxiety can play a critical role in survival. It drives us to seek safety and strive for excellence. It can stimulate our cognitive functions to respond faster to threats. In terms of your day-to-day function, chronic stress or anxiety can hold you back, keeping you from taking necessary risks, interfering with sleep, and clouding your thinking.

Although election anxiety was only recently defined, it has likely existed as long as elections have. With hypnosis for election worries, you can clear your mind and keep your focus on the things that you can control.

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Using Hypnosis for Election Stress and Anxiety

UpNow’s hypnosis for election anxiety app is a powerful tool for relieving stress, fear, and anxiety triggered by election day worries. Elections typically involve a potential change in leadership and often changes in public policy. They can affect our lives intimately, especially those who are in vulnerable groups due to various socioeconomic factors.

You might be struggling with election anxiety if you find yourself increasingly turning to the news or distracted by election-related news. You might feel irritable or out-of-sorts, and you may self-isolate from those who share differing views. Election anxiety can take over your life and leave you feeling rudderless. With election anxiety hypnosis, you will be in control again.

Volunteering for your candidate, donating to a worthy cause, encouraging others to vote, and voting yourself are all great ways to feel like you have more control over the outcome of the election. Hypnosis for election stress is another option.

With hypnosis for election stress and anxiety, you can take a deep, calming breath when the news or polls threaten to overwhelm you with stress or worry. You can tune out the fears and tap into your inner strength reserves. Hypnosis helps you find the right balance between political action and personal connection, enabling you to engage with friends and family members while leaving the fears behind.

Hypnosis is a natural process that involves deep relaxation and intense focus. During the hypnosis experience, you will feel calmer and less anxious, but the benefits continue even after the session. Suggestions made during election anxiety hypnosis can give you a greater sense of confidence and control and new ways to manage your anxiety. Visit today to learn more about managing your election stress through hypnotherapy or to download our hypnosis for election anxiety app.

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