How Self-Hypnosis Audios Can Combat Social Anxiety

How Self-Hypnosis Audios Can Combat Social Anxiety

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How Self-Hypnosis Audios Can Combat Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be crippling. It can affect your career, your social life and your family life. Self hypnotherapy MP3 audios can help. Hypnotherapy has been tested in a wide variety of clinical situations with good results, and self hypnotherapy online makes the treatment available to more people than ever before. With self hypnotherapy audio downloads, you can treat your social anxiety when it is convenient for you.

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What Is Social Anxiety?

Many people can name certain social situations that make them uncomfortable. These might include public speaking, going to a party or making small talk or eye contact with strangers. However, for a person who has social anxiety, fear of doing these things begins to negatively affect their life.

Social anxiety is more than just shyness. Anxiety-provoking situations could cause a number of physical symptoms, including dizziness, an upset stomach and a rapid heartbeat. If you have social anxiety, you may spend days or weeks dreading a social situation. Eventually, your life may become more and more circumscribed as you make greater and greater efforts to avoid situations that provoke anxiety. This can lead to depression and low self-esteem, which in turns contributes to more social anxiety. Self hypnotherapy audio downloads can teach you to manage this anxiety.

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Studies have found that hypnosis is effective at combating both generalized anxiety and anxiety that is the result of medical procedures. Often, it is used in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy, and groups that are taught self-hypnosis alongside CBT have better results.

A Turkish study examined how self-hypnosis can help students suffering from anxiety regarding exams and found that self-hypnosis decreased their levels of anxiety and stress. You can reduce stress around similar situations using audio downloads that focus on self hypnotherapy for anxiety.

Self hypnotherapy for anxiety can be as effective as other approaches to hypnosis. You can use post-hypnotic suggestions that will help put you in a calmer state in any situation. Furthermore, with self hypnotherapy MP3 audios, you can easily return to a state of focused awareness at any time.

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An Adolescent Case Study

A paper that looked at the role of hypnotherapy in treating various complaints of adolescents, including anxiety, described the case study of a 13-year-old girl diagnosed with social anxiety. The girl frequently worried about her well-being and that of her parents and became anxious in public or crowded spaces. Much of this stress manifested as a sleep disorder.

A clinician worked with the girl on self hypnotherapy for anxiety. She was taught to enter a state of focused concentration through imagery, breathing and muscle relaxation. The clinician worked with her on positive affirmations while she was in this state about the health of her body and that of her parents. The girl was also shown apps she could use to do self hypnotherapy online. She practiced these techniques several times per week. After one month, she showed significant improvement, and after two months, her panic attacks stopped.

Self hypnotherapy MP3 audios can be used by anyone to learn soothing techniques that reduce social anxiety. With self hypnotherapy audio downloads, you can practice breathing, visualization and other methods whenever it is convenient for you. For more information on how self hypnotherapy online may help you, contact us at

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