Self Hypnosis Can Transform Your Destructive Eating Patterns

Self Hypnosis Can Transform Your Destructive Eating Patterns

Self hypnosis audio mp3s for mindful eating

According to Psychology Today, eating disorders affect up to 2 percent of women and 0.8 percent of men in the developed world. They are characterized by a serious and chronic disturbance in eating patterns that results in psychological and physical problems. 

The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder, pica and rumination disorder. Although research is being done on these various conditions, exact causes and permanent and effective solutions remain elusive. Even so, eating disorders as well as the co-occurring mental health concerns that often accompany them can be treated. 

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Eating Patterns

In addition to genetic, environmental and interpersonal causes, eating disorders can be caused or exacerbated by psychological feelings such as anxiety, poor self-esteem and the sense of losing control of one’s life. One of the therapeutic tactics that is gaining the attention of researchers and practitioners is hypnosis. The hope is that, by alleviating these psychological symptoms, self hypnosis audios for mindful eating can make a substantial difference. 

What Is Hypnosis?

In recent years, popular culture has embraced various types of meditation and relaxation techniques. A case can be made that hypnosis is one of the most respected and effective of these practices. Far from being just a parlor trick, hypnosis involves a person attaining a state of deep relaxation that allows for a heightened, focused awareness. In this highly suggestible state, an individual can use guided imagery and positive affirmations as springboards leading to the achievement of a transformative goal. Using self hypnosis mp3s for mindful eating is just one example of the power of this easily learned and affordable strategy. 

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Does Hypnosis Really work?

Just how can anyone separate the wild claims about any intervention from the facts? The best way to distinguish the truth from the hype is through objective scientific research. Although studies are in their infancy at this point, there are some preliminary indications that the hypnotic state attained via self hypnosis audios for mindful eating can have a positive effect. This glimmer of hope comes through extrapolating from work that scientists have done investigating whether hypnosis can lessen the symptoms of depression.

self hypnosis mp3s for mindful eating

Eighty-four patients were divided into two groups. The first received 16 weeks of cognitive hypnosis treatment while the others got 16 weeks of Cognitive-Behavior therapy.

Although both groups experienced significant improvement, those who had been hypnotized received much higher scores on inventories for depression, anxiety and hopelessness. Since destructive eating patterns often have their roots in these psychological symptoms, it seems likely that self hypnosis mp3s for mindful eating can offer genuine, scientifically based solutions to people who are struggling with eating disorders and other food-related issues. 

Help at Your Fingertips

Fortunately, self hypnosis audios for mindful eating are more than just a gleam in a researcher’s eye. In fact, self hypnosis downloads for mindful eating are available to you in just a matter of a few clicks thanks to the revolutionary UpNow app. After careful study and collaboration with respected clinicians, we are now offering self hypnosis mp3s for mindful eating at an affordable price and in a format that anyone can easily incorporate into even the busiest of lifestyles. At home in the morning, on your lunch break or as a relaxing treat at the end of the day, you can relax, rejuvenate and transform yourself with our self hypnosis downloads for mindful eating as well as our numerous other guided hypnosis audios. Safely and gradually, you will learn to gain control over your relationship with food as you lessen symptoms of hopelessness and anxiety. Start your journey of transformation with self hypnosis downloads for mindful eating from today. 

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