Overcoming Seasonal Depression through Hypnotherapy

Overcoming Seasonal Depression through Hypnotherapy

Seasonal depression is a type of depression that only occurs during specific seasons. For most people, it begins in the autumn, continues throughout the winter and lifts around spring. Seasonal depression (also called seasonal affective disorder or SAD) can begin in spring or summer and end in autumn.

As with any kind of major depression, seasonal depression can significantly disrupt your life. If you suffer from seasonal depression, UpNow’s  hypnosis app download offers the promise of relief. 

What Is Seasonal Depression?

According to the World Health Organization, depressive disorders will soon rank second only to heart disease when it comes to disease burden. Currently, seasonal affective disorder or seasonal depression is believed to affect between 10 and 20 percent of people who suffer from major depression. For those in the general population, seasonal depression is believed to affect up to 16 percent of adults. At risk groups include:  

  • Female gender 
  • Young or middle-aged adult 
  • Having a family history of seasonal depression 
  • Having a personal history of depression 
  • Living in a cloudy area 
  • Living at or relocating to a high latitude 

You cannot necessarily control your risk factors, but you can learn to control your body’s response thanks to our best hypnosis app for depression. UpNow.com’s hypnosis iOS app for depression can give you the tools to deal with the changes, manage your symptoms and face the seasonal effects with confidence and without fear.  

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What You Need to Know About Seasonal Depression

The cause of seasonal depression is not yet fully understood, but researchers theorize that it may be associated with the availability of sunlight. During seasonal changes, changes in natural light affect the body’s biological clock. This clock is in control of a variety of natural functions, including: 

  • Sleep 
  • Mood 
  • Hormonal factors 

Symptoms of seasonal depression are similar to the symptoms of major depressive disorder and include:  

  • Feelings of persistent sadness 
  • Loss of interest in normally enjoyable activities 
  • Irritability or mood changes 
  • Anxiety 
  • Withdrawal from social activities 
  • Brain fog or inability to focus 
  • Fatigue and lack of energy 
  • Carbohydrate cravings and weight changes 
  • Agitation or difficulty sleeping 
  • Decreased appetite and weight loss 

While there is not yet a cure, our hypnosis app can bring you powerful symptom relief so that you can start feeling like you again.  

Seasonal Depression Treatments and Therapies

Some people with seasonal depression use medication to alleviate their symptoms. However, medication can have side effects. Other common treatments include: 

  • Light therapy, which uses artificial light to mimic the effects of natural daylight 
  • Psychotherapy, which is used to address persistent negative thoughts and feelings 
  • Vitamin D supplementation, which is used to offset persistently low vitamin D levels in those with SAD 

These treatments can be used alone or together to alleviate some of the symptoms of seasonal depression. However, they might not be enough. A hypnosis app for depression gives you the power to control your symptoms. It is an effective alternative therapy that can help you counter negative mindsets and create a healthier narrative. With hypnosis, you can partner with your subconscious and transform your mental health.  

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Depression Symptom Relief with Hypnosis

UpNow’s hypnotherapy app for mental health can be a powerful tool for managing your depression symptoms. To better understand what happens in the brain during hypnosis, researchers have used MRIs to observe people who are experiencing hypnosis. They were able to determine that the brain’s salience network showed less activity during the hypnosis experience. This is the part of the brain that decides where its focus will go.  

Finally, the researchers also found that there was an increase in activity and connections between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the insula. These are the parts of the brain that help the brain connect with and control the body more effectively.  

This means that when you use our best hypnosis app for depression, you can focus intently on a specific topic and let go of other worries and concerns. It is likely a state that you have already experienced, such as when you are daydreaming while doing a repetitive task or on a long drive. When using our hypnosis iOS app for depression, you will be able to partner with your mind and direct your mental energy in beneficial activities. 

Hypnosis’ effects on the brain can help change our lives. Studies have found that hypnosis is effective for:  

People have even successfully used hypnosis for managing the pain of childbirth, preparing for and recovering from surgery, quitting smoking and losing weight.  

Using a Hypnosis App for Depression

While seasonal depression is partly a biochemical response to the changing seasons, it can also be associated with reactions tied to your subconscious. Our subconscious minds store our memories and experiences and use them to form a complex framework of beliefs. When you are struggling with depression, you might feel as though you have lost sight of yourself or what matters. Our hypnosis app download can help you take your life back. 

Your subconscious mind files away all your memories and experiences, and it remembers that winter is cold with shorter days. It knows that finances can become strained by holiday shopping and that you might even get sick with a cold or the flu. You might not think about any of these things consciously. However, your subconscious knowledge of these things can color your perception of the season and trigger negative thinking patterns. The risk is higher if you have a history of depression. 

Our best hypnosis app for depression works to help you unravel these thoughts and beliefs from your subconscious mind. During the hypnosis experience, you will bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind, and your subconscious mind will become more open and suggestible. You can work with it to reframe old experiences and patterns and to nurture new ideas and attitudes. For example, instead of worrying about the upcoming cold weather, you can focus on the potential for cozy indoor activities with loved ones or the excitement of outdoor winter sports. Instead of fretting about poor health, you can concentrate on exercise and good eating habits to maintain your health. 

With the help of our hypnotherapy app for mental health, you will actively take steps towards positivity and self-care. Even better, you can do it before winter starts or after the season has arrived. The power is entirely in your hands.  

How a Hypnosis App Can Work for Your Seasonal Depression

Untangling damaging thought patterns and building healthy new responses can lay the groundwork for healing and health. UpNow can help you break free from those self-defeating negative frames of mind so common in depression. With hypnosis, you will learn to reframe past experiences and develop a new outlook on the seasonal changes that trigger your depression. 

UpNow’s hypnosis iOS app for depression uses a variety of techniques to help you redirect your focus and achieve a calm, deeply relaxing state. You can work with your subconscious to:  

One study found that hypnotherapy was more effective than cognitive-behavioral therapy for managing depression symptoms. Study participants completed 16 weeks of therapy, and by the end, those who completed hypnotherapy were less depressed, anxious and hopeless than the group that had completed CBT. Even better, the effects were maintained at the 6- and 12-month follow-ups. 

The right hypnosis app download can help you make better choices and transform negative thought patterns. You can learn to let go of unhelpful attitudes, such as self-blame and guilt, and move forward towards a life free from the burden of depression.  

UpNow.com’s Seasonal Depression Hypnotherapy App for Mental Health

Humans have a natural need for light. The natural light-dark cycle of the day and night triggers your brain to release certain hormones. During the daytime, sunlight triggers serotonin, a hormone that can keep you calm, focused and content. At night, the darkness triggers melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep hormone that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.  

When you have adequate exposure to the sun and the right balance of darkness and light, your body operates optimally. With inadequate exposure to sunlight, your serotonin levels can start to drop, and this increases the risk of seasonal depression. However, you do not have to have a diagnosis of seasonal depression to struggle with feelings of sadness or gloom during the winter. Seasonal changes in light, activity and even diet can all affect our moods.  

If you find that the cooler, darker months of autumn and winter are harder than spring and summer, you might have a form of depression with seasonal patterns. Our hypnosis app for depression could hold the promise of relief. Visit UpNow.com to learn more about our hypnosis app or to subscribe to our newsletter. 

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