The Benefits of Using UpNow’s Pain Relief Hypnosis App

The Benefits of Using UpNow’s Pain Relief Hypnosis App

pain relief hypnosis app

Chronic pain affects about one out of five people worldwide. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts 12 weeks or longer. Commonly associated with conditions such as nerve damage, cancer, and arthritis, the risk of chronic pain increases with age. Those with pain often struggle to find effective relief, and without treatment, their pain may worsen or trigger associated issues, such as sleep disorders, depression, or anxiety. With UpNow’s pain relief hypnosis app, you can finally get the pain relief you need.

The Burden of Pain

Chronic pain brings an unbearable burden on those who suffer from it. It can affect virtually every aspect of their lives, from their physical health to their emotional health. More than merely uncomfortable, chronic pain is associated with numerous negative outcomes, including:

Treating chronic pain is complex and often focused on medication, therapy, and other techniques. Doctors tend to focus on decreasing pain intensity while preserving function. Treatments do not necessarily eliminate the pain or make it easier to cope. Those who suffer from pain find themselves struggling with stress, anxiety, and other serious effects as a result. Pain relief hypnosis works differently, and it can begin to work immediately.

In one study, researchers used pain relief hypnosis to treat patients who were struggling with unmanageable pain due to surgery or other health issues. Patients who used hypnosis for pain experienced a nearly 30 percent reduction in pain compared to a reduction of just 9 percent in the group that used pain-coping interventions.

The hypnosis group also experienced a significantly decreased need for opioid medications. In another study, patients who used hypnosis for pain management reported significantly greater relief from lower back pain than the control group. They also reported reduced pain intensity and greater sleep quality and continued enjoying the benefits of pain reduction for at least six months after the conclusion of treatment.

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Is Hypnosis for Pain Right for You?

Pain’s tendrils can reach into every part of your life. When you suffer from pain, you might not perform at your best. You may avoid social engagements or limit yourself due to the fear of pain. Eventually, you may not remember who you were before you began to suffer. It is time to take your life back with hypnosis for pain management.

Chronic pain can become a negative cycle. As you experience pain, you may also experience stress. The stress response heightens the pain, and over time, as you anticipate the pain, your stress and pain aggravate and worsen one another. Hypnosis is a natural process that can relax your mind and body. As you do, your subconscious mind opens to new ideas and thought processes.

Through pain relief hypnosis, you can make targeted suggestions that change the way you think and feel about yourself and your pain. Hypnotherapy uses techniques such as distraction, reframing, and disassociation. With the right suggestions, you can break the cycle of pain through hypnosis for pain management. Imagine a life free from pain. What could you do? Who would you be? What passions would you pursue? With hypnotherapy, you can be on your way to finding those answers.

It is time to end the stress, sleep better, and rediscover everything you love. With hypnosis for pain, you can choose your path. Visit to learn more about how hypnosis can free you from pain or download our pain relief hypnosis app to get started.

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