Live a Better Life with a Pain Relief Hypnosis App

Live a Better Life with a Pain Relief Hypnosis App

pain relief hypnosis

Living with chronic pain can make you feel left out of your own life. Health experts estimate that 20% of the world’s population suffers from chronic pain. Pain affects more people around the world than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Despite these startling numbers, there are few options for safe, long-term treatment.

Pain relief hypnosis offers an opportunity for genuine relief. Pain relief hypnosis is non-addictive, inexpensive, has no side effects and is available to anyone. If chronic pain has lessened your quality of life, a pain relief hypnosis app can help you feel like yourself again.

How Does Hypnosis for Pain Management Work?

Hypnosis is a proven therapy for the management of chronic pain. Are you curious about how it works?

Contrary to what you might think, hypnosis is not “mind control.” It is a safe, proven way to change the way your mind processes pain. Hypnosis does this through several distinct but complementary methods. You will experience these and others when you use a pain relief hypnosis app.


By relaxing your mind, hypnosis lets you stop focusing on your pain and redirect your thoughts. You can focus on your breathing and stop thinking about the pain. This may sound impossible, but it happens every day in therapeutic hypnosis sessions.


One way to control your thoughts about pain is to reframe them. Hypnosis for pain can teach you different ways to express the sensations you’re feeling. Reframing pain and your responses to it will give you a sense of control.

It takes several sessions to reach this point, but you will feel improvements before then. After several guided sessions, it will feel natural to reframe your painful symptoms. Studies have found reframing can help people cope with both acute pain and long-term pain.


Have you ever cut yourself and not felt the pain right away? This can happen if you are busy doing something and your mind is focused on something else. With hypnosis for pain management, you can learn to do this every time pain strikes.

You may think your pain is too intense for distraction to work, but a pain relief hypnosis app will teach you proven techniques for doing just that.


When you dissociate, you mentally remove yourself from the source of your pain. This allows you to see your pain as separate from your body. Some people describe dissociation as mentally watching your body from across the room. It’s a technique hypnosis can teach you.

pain relief hypnosis app

Which Conditions Respond To Hypnosis for Pain Relief?

Hypnosis has been successfully used to manage pain in many clinical settings.

Arthritis: The Arthritis Foundation recommends hypnosis as an alternative to drug therapy. The foundation’s research has found that more than 75% of people with arthritis and fibromyalgia can get significant pain relief from hypnosis. They also found it can take up to 10 sessions to experience relief.

Irritable bowel syndrome: A study from the Netherlands found that hypnosis worked whether people experienced it in group therapy or individual therapy. The study found that three months of hypnotherapy sessions could relieve IBS symptoms for up to nine months.

Presurgical anxiety: Some hospitals use hypnosis reduce the anxiety people feel before surgery. Studies of breast cancer patients have found these patients were more relaxed and needed lower levels of sedatives during surgery. They also reported more positive emotions after surgery than people who didn’t get hypnosis.

Unexplained pain: Chronic pain is the number one reason people seek health care. Like you, these people are desperate for relief that does not involve pills or surgery. Pain relief hypnosis offers a chance for long-term relief that works.

Discover What Hypnosis for Pain Relief Can Do for You

Hypnosis has helped many people break free from chronic pain. Managing your pain can help you do things you enjoy, engage with your family and get on with your life. At UpNow, you will find hypnosis downloads and a hypnosis app that can help you manage your pain.

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